Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hello everyone! Everyone must have a problem with acne scars or dark circles under the eyes (called “panda eyes”) when you have insufficient sleep. Here is my Fake Up concealer review from Benefit.

The concealer came in cute packaging with clear instructions on how to get the best usage from it.

Results Too Good To Conceal !
  • 100% said fakeup hydrates skin*
  • 94% said the effect is long-lasting*
  • 97% said the formula is lightweight*
  • 100% said the texture feels silky*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey

Fake Up has 3 types of color that matches the color of the skin. Light, Medium, and Deep. (Mine no. 1)

Small concealer tube makes it easy to use. 

Don’t worry about the ingredients, FAKE UP are made from vitamin E and apple seed extract that serve as a camouflage of dark circles under the eye and moisturize skin face

How To Use :
      1.     Apply make-up base (face primer, foundation, bb cream)
      2.     Apply concealer underneath each eye. Use your ring finger, gently blend upwards.


+ Cute packaging
+ Moisturizing
+ Keep skin hydrated for 6 hours

- Can’t blend well, not significant before and after

Okay then, thank you so much for reading and see you guys on my next post.


 Tiffany Oktoriana 

*All photos by samuel

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