Thursday 22 January 2015

Facial Total Acne Experience at Benning Clinic

Happy New Year 2015 !!
Today, I will review about my Facial Total Acne Experience at Benning Clinic. This is my first post at this year, let's check this out !

Located at Citraland, Surabaya, East Java. Benning Clinic originated from Solo and now at Surabaya!
Benning Clinic opens at Monday-Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm. (Start from 1 February 2015 opens daily).

Benning Clinic Surabaya
Ruko Villa Taman Telaga TJ 1 / 36A
Citraland, East Surabaya

It's easy to find Benning Clinic from the Citraland's Gate (Belalai Gajah).

Why Benning Clinic?
Because Benning Clinic gives treatment to suit the needs of your skin. If you come at the first time, you may need some advice from the doctor. Dr. Aryo will give you solutions.

Consultation Room

Spa Room

Facial Room

Facial Acne Treatment

At the first always clean the face like skincare daily routine. To clean skin face from makeup and dust.

Wash the face
After clean the face, washing the face.

Evaporation function is to open pores before extraction.

This step always scares people, remove acnes and blackheads.

High frequency
Anti irritant after remove acnes and blackheads. This tool similar with UV Light.

Jet Peel Oxygen
Function of Jet Peel Oxygen is to moisture your face.

Face Mask
In this step the face will be applied face mask with bio laser then your face will feel cold.

Facial Iontophoris
Galvanic iontophoris use for control oil, absorb extract (lotion), and rejuvenation. And the last step give anti acne and anti irritant.

With all the treatment, you pay with the affordable price. 

Promotion this month still on going...

Actually the price is worth it with the quality
I am with bare face. Yay! Thanks Benning Clinic!

Okay then, thanks a lot for reading. See you on my next post !


 Tiffany Oktoriana 

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  1. looks clean & cozy yaah tempatnya ^^
    following you :) main ke blog aku yah kalo sempet ^^ kalo suka postingannya boleh followback ^^

    Fairuz Inas

  2. Surabaya itu punya banyak tempat skin care yang nampaknya nyaman dan bersih ya... Luar biasa....Looks relaxing....

    Salam kenal ya.
    Aku baru saja memfollowmu...
    Mari bertemannnn...


    1. Hello Ninneta...
      Iya perlu dicoba facialnya say... recommended.
      Thank you sdh baca blogku ^^

  3. hay hay tiffany ..
    mau nanya dong .. km treatment apa ini ? apakah yg bag ekstraksi itu dipencet yah ? thanks feedbacknya

    1. Hi Marchelin... Sorry baru bales, beberapa bulan vakum nulis blog nih.

      Aku ambil treatment facial total acne.
      Aku rasa semua facial di bagian ekstrasi sama koq dipencet2 gt.. Cuma tergantung dokter / perawat yang menangani bikin sakit atau nggak :D

      Oya sayang sekali Benning Clinic sudah gak buka lagi di Surabaya :(

      Anyway thanks ya sudah baca blog aku
      Tunggu post selanjutnya ya :)

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