Monday, 9 February 2015

6 Resolutions at 2015

Hi Everyone... Who has made a resolution for this year? It’s not too late if you start to make a resolution now! There are some tips for you to help you make a resolution for this year.

1. Healthy

In this life, healthy is always number 1. You can do anything, you can have everything you want, but you can’t enjoy your life if you are not healthy. Train yourself to keep your body stay healthy. We can start eating right according to a balanced nutrition for our body, also stay away from fatty, fried, and offal foods.

Plan your regular exercise two or three times a week. Try to keep healthy in every situation.You will regret when your health began to decrease. Therefore, don’t wait to maintain a healthy lifestyle from now on because being healthy is important. You will feel the result later.

2. Skin

Treat your face regurarly. When wake up in the morning, clean your face with cleanser, wash the face, then use toner for dead skin cell regeneration, and day cream. If you are going to go outside, use sunblock to protect skin from the sun. Do the treatment at night; clean, wash, use toner, and night cream.

Not only the face, but it's also important to treat your body. Take a bath twice a day, use suitable lotion. Choose product which fit your body.  It is basic treatment, you can add more treatment for your face and body.

3. Career / study

For worker, make sure that your career is not to fulfill your spare time. Make your career for a better life in everything; like your character, financial, networking, and more. This year you can start to think about how can you get promoted? Maybe in the beginning sacrifice is needed, but in the end you will see the result.

Same thing with college students, remember to reach your dream. Join organization for leadership, social, hobby, or just for fun. Beside that you can get more friends - they can become your network in the future, or you can do it if you are passionate enough in organizing people and stuff. Make sure that your life is not in the comfort zone.

4. Business

In the beginning of the business you really need sacrifice. Try harder with passion and the right business plan will become perfect. Start business with passion. If you love design, you can receive order starting from your near circle (siblings, close friends). The more you get orders, the more people know your design, it means more orders for you.

If you are a student or worker, you still can start a part-time business. A lot of people start business when they are still student or worker, so don’t wait until it’s too late. You can start from small things such as a reseller, dropshiper, or become freelancer.

5. Relationship

Build better relationship with your circle, such as from parents, siblings, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, and close friends. Build a good relationship with them, start from simple things like greeting, hug, and take care of them. Appreciate the moments with them because you've lost time, you can never get it back.

6. Extra Wishlist

Everyone has an extra wishlist every year. What I meant with "extra wishlist" is the wishlist other than 5 point above. Such as we want to be a traveler or buy a dream house. Make an extra wishlist so you have the challenge of achieving something unsual in your life.

Remember, there is no instant process, you should do it step by step. It's never too late, as long as we want to try. Try our best and pray that our efforts will not in vain and believe that you can do it. Success is in our hands!

See you on my next post!


 Tiffany Oktoriana 

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