Friday 17 April 2015

Happy Birthday Emdee Clinic

Happy 2nd anniversary Emdee Clinic!
Wish you have a blessed year.

After a week of online marketing workshop at Jakarta, I went home on Saturday; April 11, 2015 to came to Emdee Clinic’s Birthday. Yay... I felt like a teenager again who usually celebrates birthday party with some of friends, hehe...  Emdee Clinic’s location was very easy to be found, their address is at Jalan Biliton no. 40 F, Surabaya which is across Igor Pastry and near Dapur Cokelat. I came to Emdee Clinic around 09.00 am, and I saw Emdee was crowded.

Emdee’s birthday place was located at 2nd floor. Before going to the room, I met Sabrina (Surabaya Beauty Blogger), and I’ve decided to wait other beauty bloggers so I can go to the room together with them (Oh my Gosh, suddenly I was nervous).


The opening by MC started at 10.30 a.m.,continued by a short speech by Merlianny Effendi (a socmed influencer). Before presentation by dr. LeniKumalasari (owner ofEmdee Clinic), there are little awards for 10 people who came earlier. Wow... I wasmotivated to come on time earlier on next events hehe... 

First session, dr. Leni Kumalasari's presentation about history of Emdee Clinic.

Second presentation is about Emdee’s new treatment, the MD 4D V-Shaping. This treatment answers the needs of every customer which wanted to have a Korean face, which now became a trend.

It's time to peeling demonstration. MC asked the guests, who wants to be a volunteer for peeling treatment? Ditha from Surabaya beauty blogger offered herself to be a volunteer. I also wanted to volunteer, but I can't because I’vejust finished my peeling treatment (peeling treatment should be around 3-4 weeks).

Peeling demonstration end, and the outcome... Ditha's skin face looks glows like Korean face, K-drama  *envy

There are some awards for the best women and boy costume, and Instagram winner announcement for the guests who uploaded photos of the event on Instagram.

Best costume

Instagram winners

Photo group :)

Surabaya Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers & Socmed Enthusiast

Goodie Bag 

Thank you for reading... See you on the next post! ^^


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